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Elliott Sequoia Endre
Teacher, and coach with a background in business and a degree in psychology.

...An entrepreneur who started, maintained, and retired from multiple successful businesses in Canada and the United States.

...An Australian and Canadian national, who has worked in Britain, Canada, and the United States in public health, business, psychology and human sexuality since 2003.

...Teaches consulting on the graduate level at San Francisco State University.

Hi, I'm Elliott Endre

A self-made life is a juggling act. It demands a firm understanding of our offering, our inherent value, and a healthy relationship to money and time. Regulated and unregulated industries in the public and private sector alike requires consistent effort and actionable feedback if they seek to expand. An accurate representation of your offering is key.

Can you create independent employment while juggling a second job? School? A family? Chronic illness? With the right support structures, I believe we have the capacity to create the community we seek to live in. My offering is based in practical education and self mastery. I combine psychological education with experience building successful business across global systems in forward facing and high risk industry.

I’m an immigrant. I’m queer. I’m non-binary.

I would be honored to support you in creating the career that will serve your community and your highest self.
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Elliott Endre

Elliott is a Master in Psychology in 2016 and an alumnum of Bryn Mawr College. They completed graduate practicum at the Liberation Institute of San Francisco practicing sex therapy for couples and individuals. They teach consulting and psychology at San Francisco State University.

Elliott sits on the Board of Advisors for the NOWAK society, whose mission is to support people and communities in developing safe, informed, empowering relationships with ourselves, others, the medicines and drugs with which we interact. They are also a member of:
  • Bay Area Open Minds: therapy professionals who support sexual and gender diversity (BAOM)
  • Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS)
  • The California Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (CAMFT)

  • GAYLESTA: a psychotherapist association for gender and sexual diversity

Looking for a Therapist?

Elliott is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California. If this would be a better fit for you, click here.

Recent Speaking Engagements

San Francisco Graduate Department of Counseling, COUN 0827-01
The Consultation Process, Spring Semester, 2023.

Western Institute for Social Research (WISR), 10th annual conference:
On Therapy and Activism: “Cultural Gaslighting and “Real Work”; the psychosocial implications of SESTA-FOSTA”, Panel lead by Rosa Reinikainen LMFT, Oct 7th 2018

Center for Sex and Culture Film and Art Festival, 10th biennial conference, Caucus on Holistic healing and Sex Work, co-lead Bree Zimmerman M.A., April 25th, 2017
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